Playing with design

Designer in Gioco is a form of serious play that’s inspired by design thinking processes and the ability we all have to solve problems in a creative and innovative way.

To play, you have 30 cards, 36 skill-words and the instructions, all of which you can download for free.

As we reach adulthood we lose the imaginative capacity we had as children. Stress, the pace of our working lives, and even our habits prevent us from stopping, taking a step back and viewing our problems from new and fresh angles.

Using role play, Designer in Gioco opens up new planning and design solutions – for organisations and to use in our personal lives. Giving free rein to our personal creativity and thinking outside the box when working together creates previously unimaginable possibilities.

If you’re a trainer, a designer, a facilitator or a human resources manager, Designer in Gioco will guide you along untrodden paths, with a light and easy step. 

On a personal level, Designer in Gioco will help you look inwards to discover your hidden skills and talents and bring new career opportunities into clearer focus.

You can use Designer in Gioco in a thousand and one ways – it’s a flexible and adaptable tool that lends itself to a wide variety of situations and goals. In person or remotely, the cards and words can act as ice-breakers at meetings; inspire us as individuals; enable us to tell our stories and question ourselves; show others who we are; and build teams that are enriched by the talents of each member. 

So now all you need to do is download the cards, choose yours, and start playing. It’ll take you far.

We’re thinking of developing a board game in English too, but we’d like to know what you think.

Try this version first, and let us know.

Download the design-thinking stages and the wordpalette.